Android Room Rules

How Can I Get Write Access?

You can request write access once you’ve joined the room. When a room owner is available, they will check to see if you can join. We have some criteria that you must meet before you’re given access.

Requirements for access:

If you are denied access you should not request write access again before you have met the required criteria. Repeatedly requesting access is annoying and could very well get you banned from the room.

What Are The Rules?

  1. Before you ask a question here we expect you to have done your own research on the matter. This includes but is not limited to having searched on Stack Overflow, android developer documentation and search engines. If applicable, we also expect you to have asked the question on Stack Overflow.

  2. Communicate in English to the best of your ability. We don’t expect everyone to master the language but we do not want to see chat-speak (e.g. “u r vry gud i m new dev lol”).

  3. Make a gist or use a similar tool if you want to share code. Any code posted in the room should fit on one or two lines.

  4. Don’t ping users (@username-ing) unless it’s to clarify who you’re speaking to or you need to get a specific person’s attention.

  5. All posted content must be safe for work. If you want to share an image or a link that is not safe for work, hide the content in a hyperlink and include NSFW in the title (also do this if you are not sure if it is safe). The markup for such a hyperlink is [Check this out (NSFW)](

  6. Your first message must be “I have read and understood the rules”.

  7. Don’t flag messages based on the mere presence of certain words (swearing, blasphemy, etc) which are often seen in casual language. Chat message flags raise a site-wide notification for all users with 10000+ rep, which can be annoying, especially if a flag was not really warranted.
    Do note that while we have this policy, we do not want to discourage anyone from flagging anything they feel violates Stack Overflow’s Code of Conduct or Be Nice policy. See here for help with that.

Room owners are free to enforce the rules as they see fit. The room ambiance is usually quite casual and the rules are purposefully difficult to break.

Cheers, have fun and enjoy your stay.


The source for these rules can be found on GitHub.