Android Room Rules

How Can I Get Write Access?

You can request write access once you’ve joined the room. When a room owner is available, they will check to see if you can join. We have some criteria that people must meet before they’re given access.

Requirements for access:

What Are The Rules?

  1. Before you ask a question here, first thoroughly research it yourself, and post it on Stack Overflow (or another appropriate Stack Exchange site, like We also expect you to read the Android developer site before asking a question about Android.

  2. Use English and try to write well. This means no chat-speak (e.g., “u r vry gud i m new dev lol”).

  3. Don’t paste blocks of code into the chat. Make a gist or use another pastebin if you must share code. Any code in the chatroom should be limited to one line at about 80 columns max.

  4. Don’t ping users (@username-ing) unless it’s to clarify who you’re speaking to or you need to get a specific person’s attention. Pinging for help is bannable.

  5. Everything kitty-related is allowed.

  6. Your first message must be “I have read and understood the rules”.

  7. Images MUST be safe for work. Please don’t post unprofessional images. Kitties and unicorns: okay. A screenshot of your app: sure. Twerking: no.

  8. Don’t flag messages you find personally offensive (e.g., swear words, blasphemy, and so on). It just annoys the people who have to respond to flags.

  9. Only codeMagic is allowed to buy and drink ass-Bourbon. Everyone else should know better.

The choice to enforce the rules is at the discretion of each room owner. The rules are purposefully difficult to break, we just ask that you not be a dick. Cheers, have fun, and be excellent to one another.


The source for these rules can be found on GitHub.